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Heart attack: symptoms, first signs and risk factors

[ad_1] Every day 764 people suffer a heart attack – more than half do not survive the infarction. The reason is that people wait hours at the first sign even before they seek medical help. If you believe you have a heart attack, immediate medical care can save your life. Learn about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, …

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6 replay games that your students will love

6 Review Games Your Students Will Love Click here to read more about 6 different responsive review games suitable for each subject in a middle or high school classroom! #to teach #secondary school #Mittelschule #iTeachtoo Source by amyholde

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Teaching Heat Transfer – Middle School NGSS

Teaching Heat Transfer – Middle School NGSS It was so much fun to teach my 6th students heat transfer! I'm really mixing it up this year since we move to NGSS standards. There are so many funny and simple hands on a … Source by ashleykjackson3

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